2019 Beauty Routine: Skin Care Trends

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By Mia Johnson
Freelance writer & Fitness Expert
Sydney, Australia

Skincare has been a hot topic for many years now, and that’s not without a reason. The appearance and health of your skin can be the difference people see between “tired” and “gorgeous.” As people become more aware that beautiful skin is a reflection of how they treat their body and feel inside, more and more skin care trends are born. It seems that 2019 holds something for everyone. From those who like to keep it all natural to those who look for optimal results regardless of the method- there is a skin care trend.

1. Vitamin C primer

Your skincare routine can be perfect, but if you wear makeup daily, your skin can still break out. That doesn’t mean you have to stop using makeup though. Using Pure Vitamin C Primercan be the solution to this issue. This way, you’re keeping your skin healthy, while also maintaining an irresistible look. Vitamin C is linked to boosting production of collagen, thus slowing down the aging process. Free radicals, which are responsible for premature aging, don’t stand a chance with Vitamin C around.

In addition to that, it makes the skin heal much faster and makes scar tissue form more quickly. This makes it absolutely perfect for troubling skin with excess of oil and acne. Its anti-inflammatory features will also clear your skin and help with the reduction of acne. 

2. Multi-tasking products

You’re probably over having a specific product for a specific part of your face as much as the next girl. That’s why a new skin trend in 2019 is to use multi-tasking products. People have finally realized that having too many specific products wastes both time and money. No longer will you have to buy a day cream, night cream, nose cream, or eye cream. With one product, you can see even better results for a better deal.

The product should be able to remove excess oil from your skin, as well as to moisturize it, and reduce the chances of breakouts. Keeping your skin routine simple with one product has proven to be much more relaxing for your skin. If your skin gets used to the product and stops responding to it, you’ll also have a much easier time finding a decent replacement.

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3. SPF is the way to go

Up to now, low SPF was not only acceptable but also encouraged. This was all done under the false premises of: “how are you going to get tanned if you use such a high SPF?” In 2019, people are realizing how real the dangers of skin cancer are. As the sun gets unhealthier, it’s imperative to use creams with a higher SPF number. This is especially true when you’re planning to have a fun day outside.

Whether you’re going to the beach or the park, the skin on your arms and legs is as important as the skin on your face. If you don’t use sunscreen, not only do you risk getting sunburnt, but you also risk getting skin cancer. As well as that, you should use skincare creams with a high SPF number on a daily basis. Even when you’re walking around fully clothed all day, your skin is still affected by the sun. Protect it.

4. Your diet

Though not really what you would call a trend right away, your diet can greatly influence how your skin feels and looks. In fact, skin conditions like acne and blackheads are often just a reaction to an improper diet. In 2019, we’re making more of an effort to watch what we put in our bodies for the sake of our skin. If you want to avoid breakouts, avoid sugar. Chocolate especially is linked to pimple breakouts. You should also pay attention to how much water you drink.

Proper hydration can be key to having clear skin. When you drink enough water, your inner organs all reach optimal functionality. Your body is at its highest point, and your skin reflects it. You won’t have any more bags under your eyes, or any eye redness either. As well as that, the oil may clear up and you won’t have pimple problems nearly as often as you did. Finally, well-hydrated skin is usually tighter and more radiant.

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5. Increase in use of antioxidants

Antioxidants have been present in skincare products for years, but they’ve never been as popular as in 2019. This is because of the increasing exposure to an unwelcoming environment for your skin. We live fast and stressful lives which all leaves damage on what we cherish most- our beautiful skin. With the anti-inflammatory properties of antioxidants, you won’t have to worry much about acne any longer.

The antioxidants calm your face down, thus reducing the effects of evident stress your skin is going through. There are plenty of different types of antioxidants though, and they can all have different effects on your skin. Some even have anti-aging properties and boost the production of collagen.  In other words, they have the power to make your skin tighter and more vital.

6. Getting a procedure

As the most progressive year to date, 2019 has de-stigmatized cosmetic procedures. They are no longer seen as testimonies of vanity but are instead viewed for what they actually are- valid choices for rejuvenating parts of you and giving yourself the beauty you deserve. When it comes to skincare, procedures can help your face in a lot of ways. For example, facelifts make you look younger and more vital. They can make you feel more confident than you’ve ever been before. After all, as professional clinics such as Pantheastate: no one deserves to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious in their own skin.

Of course, with procedures, it’s always important to go with the right professional. You’ll want to choose someone who puts your safety first and is there for your every step of the way. Then, after your procedure is done, you’ll be able to enjoy the joys of having beautiful skin. What’s more, your confidence is bound to skyrocket.

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7. Using CBD oil

CBD is one of the components found in marijuana. It has made its way into all parts of society, as there are many ways it can treat anxiety, stress, and pain. Those who want to enjoy a natural way of relaxation without the side effect of getting high should definitely look into CBD. When it comes to skincare, CBD seems to be here to stay.

Those who have oily skin will no longer have to suffer the burden of acne, as CBD works wonders in reducing skin oils. This is the condition for not having any or almost any acne. As well as that, the magical oil can be suitable for those with eczema problems. The component has been linked to having a high potential of encouraging abnormal cell death.


Even though there are many ways to have beautiful skin, the end result is the same. You’ll be able to live your life acne free, with tight skin showing nothing but the signs of vitality and youth. Caring for your skin is a sign of caring for yourself. In this age of stress and chaos, the best you can do is be kind to yourself and your skin in particular. After all, it is most often the one that carries the scars of your stress and worrying. With the trends listed above, you’ll be able to shine more radiantly than ever.

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