Did you know that the most requested cosmetic dental procedure is teeth whitening?  Or that Americans spend 1.4 billion a year on over the counter tooth whitening products?  While the cost might hurt your wallet, you can also cause some damage to that pretty smile. Common complaints are tooth sensitivity and irritated gums.  We are going to offer some tips we found for natural at home teeth whitening.  Now these will probably not be the results you would see if you did the over the counter or in office options that contain BLEACH…YUCK, but these are natural and will definitely help.
Mix Baking Soda and Lemon Juice!  Create a paste with these two products.  Brush the paste onto your teeth with a toothbrush; wait a minute, then brush thoroughly to remove.  The baking soda will gently remove surface stains while the lemon juice has a natural bleaching effect.  Didn’t you ever try those lemon juice highlights in the Jr. High?
Make a similar paste with smashed strawberries, salt, and baking soda.  Brush this paste on with a toothbrush.  You can leave this on for up to five minutes, as it is not as acidic as the lemon juice.  The baking soda and salt remove surface stains and gently buff your teeth to leave them super shiny.  The berries contain Malic Acid, which is a natural tooth-whitening agent. This mixture also tastes fantastic.  We tried it.
Snack on apples, celery and carrots.  These yummy snacks improve saliva creation.  These are also rich in Vitamin C which helps prevent periodontal disease and while you crunch on these you are gently cleaning your teeth.  Can’t brush your teeth after lunch at work?  Grab an apple.
Brush with Apple Cider Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Mix one tablespoon of each in a bowl and soak your toothbrush in it for several minutes. When you remove the brush from the solution brush your teeth with it.  You can repeat this several times.  This little tip helps your teeth appear shiny, bright, and whiter.

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