4 Reasons Why You Should Give Powder Foundation A Try

To be honest, I never considered using a pressed powder foundation. I was strictly a liquid foundation girl since, well since I can remember. However, that all changed day 1 of my makeup artistry school. We were give a pallet full of pressed powder foundation. It was then realized, you can get the full, flawless coverage of a liquid in a powder form. Here are 4 reasons why you should give a Pressed Powder Foundation a try:

  1. Natural Coverage. I just love the natural, flawless look of a pressed powder. Quite surprising how it can cover imperfections, while looking natural.
  2. Ease of Application. I find the pressed powder foundation way easier, and quicker to apply. I am talking to you moms out there. Grab the right brush and swipe away. You will be looking fabulous in no time.
  3. Lightweight Feel. It feels like I am wearing nothing at all. Truly. Great for everyday wear.
  4. Excess Oil Absorption. Being it a powder, it helps with oil absorption. Especially our Fixed Foundation formula, which contains Kaolin Clay. It continuously absorbs oil throughout the day.

Give our new Fixed Powder Foundation a try! Not sure what color works for you? Good news! We have made it easy. You can now purchase a sample set of 3 shades to figure out which one looks best on your skin tone.

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