4 Simple Steps To Refresh Your Makeup Instantly

It’s 2016, lets face it…we are always BUSY! We squeeze so much into the 24 hours a day we are given and sometimes it feels as if we just can’t keep up. We’ve all been there, frantically applying makeup and changing in the office bathroom. Maybe you get a last minute dinner invite from a friend or you are hopping over to a holiday party right after work, don’t let your makeup take up too much of your time. Here are some tips for taking your makeup look from day to night in just a few short steps:
• Sometimes it’s as simple as updating your lipstick. If you are super crunched for time and a lipstick upgrade is all you can handle, just swap that daytime nude or soft pink lipstick for something much darker and bold.
• Add a little eye liner. Most of us aren’t wearing a bold eye at the office. Keep a black felt tip liner in your purse and add a sexy cat eye and you are instantly more glam for a night out on the town. If you were already rocking a cat eye to work, it may be struggling toward the end of the day, so just smudge it up and give yourself a super hot smokey eye.
• Contour those cheekbones. Seriously, keep a good quality Contour kit in your desk drawer, and get to blending before you head out. This trick will instantly take your day time look to the next level by adding some depth to your face.
• Highlight and illuminate.Nothing screams night out on the town quite like a little shimmer on those parts that always catch the light first. Try our Lovely Illuminator in “Goldie“, its the perfect illuminator to blend into already applied foundation to quickly refresh your look.
We hope these tips help you save some time as you keep up with all the tasks you must complete in one day. Work hard…Play Harder.

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