Let’s talk about that thing we like to deny… Aging. I turned 31 last year and I am not feeling all of these fine lines and dark spots that are popping up. So I decided to make a list of helpful I use daily to look younger. They are realistic and easy, because at 31 with a business to run and a baby on the way, my time is limited.
Go easy on the powder. I am so guilty of this because I tend to feel like I look oily a lot of the time so when it comes to powder I just keep on dabbing. In this case it’s true that less is definitely more. Try applying a light coat of powder over your liquid foundation.  If you go heavy on the powder you can actually end up highlighting those areas you are really trying to hide.

Highlight.  Our Lovely Liquid Illuminators here at Kismet are perfect for this.  Try dabbing a small amount into the inner corners of your eyes.  Having this little pop of shimmer will definitely open your eyes up more and make you appear more youthful.

Conceal your under-eyes in a ‘V’ shape versus just a semi-circle under your eyes. This blends your concealer into your foundation and creates a natural highlight for your face.

Plumping Lip Gloss.  We recently released our Polished Plumping glosses here at Kismet and I have started adding just a touch of this in to my daily makeup routine.  This tiny bit of shine, paired with the natural collagen lip plumpers in our gloss help to keep my lips looking youthful, without over doing it.
These are just a few simple things I found that worked for me!  I hope they help you too!  Those tiny wrinkles just mean you have laughed with good friends, cried through hard times and smiled as you have taken on every single day!  They make you who you are…beautiful you.

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