Are you one of those girls who feel like they can’t pull off that bold red lip?  Do you typically stick to neutrals?  Here are a few tips from someone…me…who used to be that girl.
I was always afraid to wear color on my lips.  I felt as if I looked silly, and I typically stuck to neutrals, glosses, or even just plain old Chap Stick.  Now I would be lost without my lip color. Here are a few tips for branching out and wearing a bold red color on your lips.

Keep it simple on the eyes.  If you don’t typically wear a lot of lip color or a lot of eye makeup, you will definitely want to keep the eye makeup to a minimum.  Try a traditionally lined or unlined water line with a few coats of mascara is best!  Maybe a soft shimmer of eye shadow, but nothing that really pops. Taking this approach will definitely help with the whole “I look like a clown” mentality that often comes with first time bold lip wearers.A clean un-contoured face.  Please go easy on the foundation.  Try a nice matte foundation finish with a little bit of blush or a soft highlight with our Lovely Illuminators.

Stick to reds with blue undertones.  Blue reds tend to look great on just about everyone, and they definitely make those pearly whites look even whiter. We recommend our Burnout lipstick from the Velvet Collection.  It is the best red available…at least we think so!  If you aren’t ready to go that bold, try the Desert Rose.  It is a gorgeous dusty, red color that flatters just about every skin tone, especially those of you with fair skin and red undertones in your hair.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t go heavy on the lipstick.  No need for liners for this 2017 look.  Apply by dabbing it on your lips instead of smearing it on, then use your finger to blend it in.  It’s the not so perfect, perfect way to wear red this spring.

There you have it ladies!  There is absolutely no reason to say you cannot pull off a red lip!  You absolutely can, and even if you only bust this look out on rare occasions, you have the proper tips to help you achieve that classic look without over doing it.  It is all about comfort also, so go with what you are comfortable with.  Start off with softer reds and work your way up to that bold bright red you want to wear so badly.

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