So this morning while scrolling through Facebook like I typically do… ( I know it’s awful right?) I came across an article by a famous magazine offering makeup hacks.  I clicked of course to see what the fuss was about, and to my surprise after trying a few they really worked!  So here they are, figured I would share the ones that seemed to be the real deal.
Turn your pencil eyeliner into a gel type liner with the help of a match or lighter.  I was skeptical of this one and honestly didn’t think it would work or I would catch something on fire. All you have to do is hold your traditional eye pencil under the flame for one second, then let it cool for like 15 seconds and you have a softer, more gel like pencil to apply.  Crazy, but it worked and the liner smudged much easier for a smoky eye. Cover your eyelid with white liner to make shadow pop.  I didn’t have a white liner, but I had the super fair colored correction pencil from NYX and I tried that.  The shadows really did appear more pigmented.  Who wants Kismet to add some pretty eye shadow pallets to our line?  THIS GIRL!!! Add saline solution to older mascara that is drying up to rewet it. So my Kismet Mascarade Mascara is still going strong, but I had a sample from a Birch Box that was starting to dry up, I added 3 drops of saline solution and boom; Mascara is as good as new!Dust translucent powder on your lashes in between coats of mascara to plump them up.  Maybe your mascara is more lengthening and you want the dramatics of plumper lashes.  Dust a little bit of your translucent setting powder in between coats and instant drama.  I was actually very surprised at how well this worked.Translucent powder is apparently a super product because you can also set your lipstick and provide a longer wearing color by dusting some on your lips.  Use a tissue over your lips and then dust the powder on top of that to see best results, this way the powder doesn’t alter the color.  Seriously impressed with this trick.
I thought these tricks seemed super easy and I was able to try them all out this morning on my normal makeup routine.  So far the results are great. What are some tips you would like to share with us?  We love trying new things with our makeup routine!

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