5 Pampering Ideas for a Long Weekend

Whether you’re a young professional, a stay-at-home mom, an entrepreneur or a student, we all have our share of stress, and more than one chip on our shoulders. So, when an opportunity in the form of a long weekend arises, we embrace it with both arms. We’re all in dire need for some actual quality me time, and by this we don’t just mean taking a long bubble bath. No, the kind of pampering we need is the one that will make us feel like we’ve accomplished something, made real use of this precious gift of time. Something that will give us new strength and even wisdom and resilience to face the real world once we’ve stepped out from our perfect bubble. 

The ultimate stress cure 

As said, a bubble bath is like giving someone a fish. However, if you want to teach yourself how to fish (figuratively, of course), you will take up something a little more challenging, but with a much longer lasting impact. What we have in mind is the art of meditation. The positive effects of meditation have been scientifically backed up. It has the power to combat depression, anxiety, stress, and even stop some of the physical ailments in their tracks. If there is one thing that can serve as an all-encompassing wellness and growth tool, it’s mediation. It will make you more calm, serene and even resilient, and you will be able to practice the art of mindful living – relish the good, embrace and conquer the bad. As far as long-term pampering goes, there is nothing that can beat it. 

Of course, you can always choose how you wish to do it. Some will choose to go out, find a secluded and quiet place in the nature. If, on the other hand, you feel like setting the mood, you can always put on some music that brings you tranquility, set the mood with wonderfully scented candles and calming essential oils, and just focus on your breathing, focus on your core. Once you take up meditation during this time off, you will become absolutely addicted to it. 

Productive time off 

As said beforehand, this isn’t a typical ‘pampering guide’. Therefore, curling up in your bed with a good book may work for some, and it’s a great idea if it’s a great self-help book that will bring you some clarity and insight, but for this next step, we have something different in mind. Exercising. Exercising isn’t only great for your health, which is definitely important. It’s also incredibly beneficial for your mood and energy levels. Any form of exercise will completely invigorate you, but if you want to combine spirituality and physical activity, yoga is definitely the way to go. 

If you don’t feel like going to a class, there are tons of amazing yogis you can follow from the comfort of your own home, which, for a long weekend can be even better. You will learn to breathe properly, build both physical and mental stamina, and as yoga and meditation are in a way sisters, you will be getting the full benefit of complete wellness routine. And all you need to do is get a quality mat, some comfy leggingsand a non-restrictive top. You need to feel comfortable while doing the downward dog and other relaxin positions. 

Now is the time for a book 

If you believe that every book on your wish list will enrich your life, grab the one that has been staring at you from the shelf for quite some time now. These are your days, and you can do and read whatever you want. However, if you’ve been struggling with something, this weekend might be the perfect time to dig for some very solid advice. There are, as mentioned, amazing self-help booksthat can literally change your entire perspective and see things in a new light. Books that will help you resolve something that you’ve been struggling for a long time. 

So, if that’s the case, put on a pair of jeans and hop over to your nearest book shop, pick up the book of your choice and let the healing and growth begin. Not all self-help books are great, but there are some truly incredible ones. 

Treat yourself 

Is there a work of art you’ve been dying to snag but always told yourself you can’t afford it? Have you been wanting to build a gallery wall ever since you moved into the apartment but felt like you never had the time and all your favorite posters have been sitting on the top of your wardrobe gathering dust? This may not seem like a ‘pampering moment’ but doing something that will bring you joy and feel like you’ve done something for yourself or your home, it brings a sense of fulfilment no amount of blowouts or manicures can. So, if there has been something you’ve been craving to buy or do, this is the time to treat yourself, even if it means doing some work instead of vegging out with Netflix. 

Groom, from head to toe

Once you’ve done the hard work – mastering meditation, growing with yoga and good reads, treating yourself with something meaningful, now you can relax and have that earned bath. Do it in the most decadent fashion possible. Put in all the best essential oils, bath bombsand bubbly products. Light a bunch of scented candles. Put on your robe, relax and increase your blood flow and shed dead cells with dry brushing, put on a cleansing mask and dive into your decadent tub. Relax and lie there until you start to prune. Then, give yourself a nice massage with a great body oil, do a facial – a scrub, toning, serum, moisturizer – the whole package. You will feel like a newborn. Then, you can cozy up to a feel-good movie, sprinkle some lavender oil and in the end, have a 5-star snooze. It’s your weekend, you deserve all the sleep you can get. 

Yes, genuine pampering is the one that has the power to make you like you’ve really done something for yourself. So, don’t limit yourself to makeup or new clothes. Focus on making a new and rejuvenated you. This weekend and then always. 

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