5 Things You Can Do to Feel Better About Yourself Right Now

Our feelings and thoughts are like a self-fulfilling prophecy. As science suggests, whatever you believe about yourself, will eventually become your reality. Self-love and appreciation is a fragile thing for most humans and requires frequent attention and care. 

Quick fixes, even though common in this day and age, are not the way to solve any type of situation or a problem, especially when it comes to matters of self-esteem and self-appreciation.  However, as our greatest power lies in this very moment, our ability to improve our now will eventually lead to greater happiness and more fulfilment in every future moment. 

Choosing the right actions for feeling better right now should be oriented towards finding solutions that are permanent, well thought out and productive. By continually working on ourselves and changing the small stuff that bothers us, we can find joy in growth. 

Furthermore, once we realise how each single action affects our overall wellbeing, our confidence and self-appreciation will increase as well. Here are 5 things anyone can do to feel better about themselves instantly. 

1.   Monitor Your Thoughts

Be mindful of the thoughts you think and the words you speak. By paying close attention to how you think on a daily basis, you will be able to stop the negative momentum which is limiting and destructive.  Each time you catch yourself thinking negatively, and you will, don’t judge yourself. Just recognise the pattern and the cause and find a more loving and positive substitute. 

Each time you think you can’t do something, or that you are not good enough, replace this thought with a more productive one such as – I am capable. I can learn. I accept any new opportunity for growth. 

2. Face Your Fears

You can feel terrified and do it anyway. Each time you let the fear stop you from taking chances, you are preventing your life path to develop in front of you. As we are very well aware, happiness is always outside of our comfort zone. And to reach it, we must be completely honest to ourselves and admit we feel scared, and be brave enough to do it anyway. 

Progress as such can only be reached by moving forward and trying new things and overcoming obstacles. It takes some courage to confront the limiting fears, yet the rewards are worth the fight. As you move from challenge to challenge, your confidence and sense of self-worth will grow enormously. 

3. Trust Your Support System

People who don’t think much of themselves will more likely believe one bad comment about themselves than a dozen of good ones. If you belong to this group, or simply need more validation from others, ask the people you believe to help you. 

They can tell you, or write down, what they like most about you. You would be surprised to hear how many of your great qualities you have been taking for granted, or not noticing at all. This can serve you as an instant confidence booster and a valuable reminder of how much you are appreciated and loved. Another way of going about this is to keep a journal of the compliments you get during a week, for example. 

Write down each time someone compliments your work, looks or behaviour. Positive messages will help you to get another, more optimistic perspective of yourself.   

4. Change Something That Really Bothers You About Your Appearance

If you really can’t stand that scar you have above your eyebrow, go ahead and have it removed. No one should judge you for fixing something that gets on your nerves, so you shouldn’t judge yourself either. 

Even if it is something bigger and more prominent, it is all worth the effort if it makes you happy. Of course, we should learn to respect and love the form we came in and not try to completely change our looks in order to look like someone else; however, sometimes the simplest and slightest changes can make our lives better and more pleasant. 

For example, society can judge someone undergoing a nose surgery and altering the look of their nose a little bit, yet for that person it might be the end of the struggle with breathing and other health problems. So, as long as you are aware of the reasons and find them rational, go on and improve the areas you find fitting.

5. Go the Extra Mile

Whether it is your time, attention, love, support or your knowledge, be generous whenever possible. Give more of yourself without expecting anything in return. 

Help out the struggling new colleague at work, exceed your boss’s expectations, make someone laugh, compliment someone, write a thank you letter to your parents for being supportive and loving… Make others feel special by making their lives easier and more enjoyable. 

Even the smallest acts of kindness can create an upward spiral of positive emotions that affect everyone involved. Be the role model for generosity and kindness in your circle and watch how your life transforms for the better as a result. 


Becca is an interpreter, a translator and a writer, embracing the digital nomad life, and taking on the world. You can read more of her work at RoughDraft, and find here on Twitterhere

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