5 Tips For Feeling Healthy & Beautiful Inside & Out

When we are happy, healthy and beautiful on the inside, we are all those things on the outside as well. In order to be a satisfied and pleased person, we need to follow some simple ways to feel beautiful inside out. Take the following small steps and you will for sure start feeling healthy and beautiful inside and out. 

1.  Eat right

The first thing on the list is definitely a healthy and balanced diet. You should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts and drink plenty of water. You should certainly stray away from processed food and food high in sugar and fats. This doesn’t mean that you can’t eat dessert or junk food every once in a while. After all, ninety percent of serotonin (a chemical that makes you happy) is made in your gut. Just remember that moderation is the key to a well-balanced diet. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so make sure to jump-start your day with a nutrient-rich meal such as eggs, cereals or fruits. To keep your weight in control consume plenty of proteins, vitamins and unprocessed carbohydrates. Australian guide to healthy eating suggests that we should consume the following five groups of food every day: whole-grain foods, vegetables and legumes, fruit, milk, yoghurt and cheese as well as lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds. A healthy diet such as the one mentioned will make you feel good on the inside, but also look good on the outside. 

2.  Do plenty of exercises

In order to feel healthy inside and out, it’s essential that you do plenty of exercises. Being active is the key to be in top shape. Doing exercise regularly boosts your mood, helps you sleep better and increases your self-esteem. As we workout endorphins are released in our body, which in turn reduce our sense of pain and boost our happiness and sense of pleasure. Consistent exercise will make you look fit and beautiful on the outside but it will also provide you with good feelings about yourself. Doing exercise is also a perfect way to de-stress every day. It helps us prevent and beat stress, depression, anxiety and the common cold. In combination with a balanced diet, doing exercise should do you plenty good both on the inside and out. One of the most popular sports in Australia that’s highly beneficial both for your body and mind is yoga, so think about that when considering a perfect physical activity for yourself. 

3.  Smile more

If you’re wondering how to be beautiful inside and out, you should think about your smile. Do you smile enough? People who smile have been proven to look and feel beautiful and happy, not only for themselves but also for the people around them. There’s something calming and positive in someone’s smile. It is the only thing that is free and that makes you beautiful at the same time. However, there are some things that can impede our smile, such as having bad teeth. We should take care of our oral hygiene, brush our teeth regularly, floss them and go to regular check-ups. In order to keep your teeth clean and pearly white you can try some teeth whitening products such as Crest 3D White toothpaste, being one of the best ones on the market. But be careful, as the American Dental Association warns about the possible side effects of these products, the most common being teeth sensitivity and gum irritation. If you follow all the essential steps and you are still not satisfied with your smile, then you should consider finding the best dentist in Central Coast, who will make you smile in no time. Think about this as an investment in yourself that will contribute greatly to you feeling healthy and beautiful inside out. If you have nice teeth and smile, it will be no problem for you to show that to the world as well as feel and look good. 

4.  Do what makes you happy

We all get caught in our daily routines and sometimes we feel too tired and exhausted to do something nice for ourselves. In fact, even when we’re tired, doing something that we like and enjoy can boost our mood and the way we feel about ourselves. Find a hobby, do what you like, eat what you like and try something that you’ve always wanted. Find your true peace of mind, it will make you feel relaxed, which will be reflected on your face and body. One way you can achieve this is to make some you-time and enjoy yourself. You can do this by taking a long bath with one of the amazing scented bath bombs, which will allow you to relax completely.

5.  Socialize

Daily tips to feel healthy and beautiful inside and out include socializing. People are social beings, they need other people. Try to surround yourself with positive people, they will transfer their positive energy onto you. Avoid being surrounded by people who are negative and constantly complaining – it will do you no good. Having people who you can rely on and who will support you when you’re down is quite important. They will remind you of how incredible you really are. 

Life today goes by really quickly and we sometimes forget to do something nice for ourselves because we get caught into work and house chores. However, in order to look and feel beautiful both on the inside and out, we need to make that decision and some time to incorporate all these small steps that are sure to result positively on our appearance and inner self.

Written by Helen Bradford
Journalism student in Sydney Australia

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