There is a reason we call it foundation.  It has the power to bring all your makeup together for a flawless base or it can totally make your look fall short. It may not be the most exciting step in your makeup routine, but it definitely deserves your attention.
Test out three shades on your jawbone.  This is definitely the trial and error step.  Too light, too dark, too pink, too orange, too yellow…are these your problems too?  Testing on your jawbone is a better color match for your face than the back of your hand. Test the three shades you think could work on your jawbone.  Pick the best of those three, and then select a shade below and above that shade and test those three on your jawbone also.  Chances are you will find one that looks invisible on your skin.Know your skin type and what type of foundation formula you should be using. Your skin type and foundation formula go hand in hand. If you typically have dry skin, go for a liquid foundation with an emollient base like shea butter. For normal skin, you should experiment, but the most natural looking is liquid, it just depends on the coverage you are going for. For oily skin, try a powder foundation or a cream-to-powder foundation to keep oil away!Use a foundation brush. Not every area of your face needs the same amount of coverage.  We recommend blending in a downward motion with your brush.  Some of us have problem spots that need more coverage, by using a brush you can blend beautifully the areas that you focus on more.Start in the middle.  Typically you get the most redness in your t-zone area, this is where you will need your highest coverage.  By applying the majority of your foundation to these areas and blending outward, you get the coverage you need in the most important spots.Only powder your T-zone. No one wants the dreaded cake face.  You typically want your foundation to look like you are wearing nothing at all. By focusing on this area with your powder, you set your foundation in the spots where you tend to be most oily but you allow your foundation to breathe on the other areas of your face.
We hope these foundation tips help you out in the future when you are picking a new product or that they help you feel more confident in your application of these products.  Remember your foundation needs just as much attention as the rest of the fun stuff you get to apply!

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