I know that I am guilty of carrying everything but the kitchen sink in my purse. Seriously it’s like the size of a suitcase.  Sometimes I find myself wanting to simplify things a bit so here is a list of 6 products I think you must ALWAYS have on hand and why
What do you need these products for?
Mid-day touch upsPost work plansSpill, stain, or other food, exploding ink pen mishapsPost gym refresherPick me upMakeup meltdown fixesImpromptu sleepovers
Here are the 6 items you should always keep on hand:

Cleansing wipes- These little beauties are essential.  They can clean up pretty much any spill or stain, and can also help you out if your mascara is melting on a particularly hot day.Hand Cream- Our hands show age super-fast.  You should always keep them moisturized. Maybe even try to find one with an SPF in it so that you are also protecting them from the damaging UV rays.Mints/Gum- Maybe you get called in to a meeting or have a coffee date with a girlfriend. You never know who you will end up sitting by or standing next to on the elevator. Try to keep it fresh.  No one wants to smell your lunch.

Lip Gloss- We of course suggest you keep a pretty plumping gloss from our Polished Collection. Glosses are perfect for a mid-day pick me up, without looking like you are trying super hard.

Oil Blotting papers- Seriously, cannot live without these.  If you are like me and get sort of shiny mid-day, don’t add more powder.  Just blot away the shininess with one of these awesome little papers and not more shine.  Makeup also will stay in place.Facial Spray- A handy spritz helps refresh your makeup, hydrates your skin, wakes up your tired face, and can cool you down on a hot day.  A great deal of us are staring at computer screens all day, I feel like my face look super tired mid-afternoon.  If I go spritz my favorite spray on my face I feel refreshed and my face looks it too.

Is there anything we missed?  Do you have any must have products in your purse that you absolutely can’t live without?  Let us know!

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