6 Quick Makeup Tips To Appear More Awake After a Late Night… Or Two

With the Holidays quickly approaching, everyone is running around checking items off their lists. In addition to typical holiday stresses, late night holiday parties can wear you out even more. Here are some quick, helpful hints on how to cover up that tired look after a night of drinks under Christmas lights:
1. Cover up your dark circles with red lipstick. You heard us right, we said RED lipstick! I know it sounds crazy, but the red/orange hue in the lipstick will work against the blue/purple tones in those dark circles. Make sure you blend really well. Not into the red trick? Yellow color corrector will help with dark circles, but we are really loving this new red lipstick trick.
2. After applying your yellow (or red) color corrector, apply your under eye concealer in an upside down triangle shape. Applying your concealer in this shape, give yourself an instant face-lift.
3. Always use a mascara. Mascara will make your eyes appear bigger and more alert.
4. Apply a light nude or white eyeliner to your lower water line. This is the easiest way to make your eyes appear brighter. Apply your normal eye liner color to your top lash line, then simply line the lower water line with the white or nude liner. BOOM! instantly Bigger, Brighter, more open eyes.
5. Glowing skin is a sign of a good night’s sleep, luckily you can fake dewy skin by using a liquid illuminator or an illuminating foundation. Just rub a nickel size amount all over your face. Your skin will look instantly refreshed.
6. Finish your look with a lip gloss. Since you are short on time because those extra 5 minutes were so worth it, ditch the lip liner and lipstick and grab a neutral lipgloss. Quick application, instantly brings your light makeup look together.
Don’t forget to enjoy a big cup of coffee, that always helps!

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