7 Ingredients Banned Overseas, But Allowed In The US

There has been a major shift in the beauty industry to create ‘clean’ and ‘non-toxic’ beauty products. While some of the more well-known beauty brands have a hard time shifting all their formulas to totally clean, small indie brands are able to. We have become so much more educated on these ingredients and their affects on our bodies. Here are just a few ingredients that are still allowed to be used in the US, but are banned overseas:


  • Known carcinogen
  • linked to respiratory problems


  • possible carcinogen


  • possible hormone disruptor


  • possible hormone disruptor
  • possible carcinogen


  • could cause potential hormonal health issues


  • linked to possible tumor growth


  • possible carcinogen

I am happy to say you will not find any of these ingredients in any of our Kismet products. You can be confidant in our products that while the US might allow these ingredients, we still have made the choice to not use them.

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