Myth 1: A contoured face can only be achieved with bronzer.
This is false.  Reality is there are plenty of alternative ways to contour.  Blush for example can be used to sculpt the cheek bones.  Use a light shade high on the cheek bone or a neutral color and apply it to the temples and hollows of the cheeks.  Choosing blush over bronzer is a softer approach to contouring.  You can also contour with a highlighter, like our Lovely Illuminators. When applied to the center of the nose and the brow bone extending out to just below the eyes, highlighter can make your face appear slimmer.
Myth 2: Use concealer with yellow undertones to hide dark under eye circles.
This is true and false.  If your skin has yellow undertones then you should use a concealer with a yellow undertone.  The best way to conceal under eye circles or anything else is to find a concealer that is a match for your skin.  If you have really tough dark circles you should use something with orange or peach undertones to counteract the blue in the dark circles.
Myth 3: Smoky eye makeup means you have to use black eye shadow.
This is false.  Smoky eye is actually an application technique not a color.  You can create a smoky eye with any color you chose.  The key is that the color scheme you go with blends from light to dark. Blending is KEY here.
Myth 4: Match your foundation against your cheek or hand.
False.  Finding the perfect foundation match can be difficult.  Your skin varies in color all over your body, including your face.  Your hands are exposed to more UV rays and tend to get less exfoliation than the face so they can be slightly darker than the skin on your face.  Your jawline is the perfect place to start.  The key here is finding a shade that blends all of the variations in your skin to look most natural.  So if you test on your jawline see how the shade blends from your neck to your chin.
Myth 5:  Makeup causes breakouts.
This is false. Make sure your face is clean before applying makeup and that it is completely washed off before you go to bed.  Proper skin care is the foundation to a flawless application.
Myth 6: Expensive cosmetics are better than inexpensive ones.
The truth is there are good and bad products at every price point. Just because you pay $30 for a lipstick doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better.  Try products at every price point, see what works for you.
Myth 7: There is no need to clean your brushes if you are the only one using them.
No and No!!! Brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria, yes even your own bacteria is bad. You should clean your brushes regularly, once a week is preferred.  Don’t wash your bushes with anything you wouldn’t use to wash your own hair with.  Proper care of your brushes, especially if you spend a good deal of money on them, can extend their life for years.
Myth 8:  Oily skin types do not need moisturizer.
This is also false.  Oily skin absolutely needs to be moisturized.  If it isn’t the oil productivity will increase and create excess oil.  People with oily skin should use an oil-free moisturizer.
We hope we debunked a few of these myths for you.  I know I am guilty of doing things that the women who taught me to apply makeup did, and let’s face it times have changes in the makeup world.  Our mothers and grandmothers probably didn’t even know what contouring was.  It is always good to do your research and ask the experts when you are out shopping for cosmetics. They are usually up to date on everything you need to know.

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