No time to go get a mani… no problem! Let’s extend the life of the one you have. No time to get a tan, simple solution. Here are a few things that are super easy for the lazy girl *cough* I mean busy girl…

Keep makeup removing wipes in your nightstand.  Let’s face it…We’ve all been there, nights when we are just too tired to stand over the sink for longer than 30 seconds.  Removing your makeup is so important though.  It prevents breakouts and aging.  If these handy wipes are in your nightstand, there is no excuse to get all that makeup off your pretty face.Extend the life of that ‘oh-so-expensive’ and time consuming gel manicure.  We all love to be pampered and have our nails perfectly manicured every day, but sometimes, it just gets away from us and we may need a little trick to extend the life of it.  Try an ombre look with any glitter polish you may have on hand.  Just add the glitter to the grown out portion near your cuticle and drag it up the nail for a totally new twist on your week old mani.

Our Opulent Bronzing Lotion dries pretty quickly, but maybe you are using an over the counter self-tanner instead and you are trying to hurry the process.  Grab that blow dryer and get to drying…on the cool setting of course. (But we recommend ditching the slow drying self-tanner for our quicker Opulent of course).

Out of liquid or gel eye liner?  Use your mascara. Just take your liner brush and swipe a little product off of your mascara brush and you are good to go.Take your look from day to night by smudging out that black liner from today for an effortless smoky eye.Only the front part of your hair looking oily?  Pin-back the rest and only wash the front in your sink.  That little bit of hair will be easy to blow dry and style and you’ll get the style benefits of having the rest of your hair not so squeaky clean. I do this ALL THE TIME… HUGE timesaver.Want loose waves, but don’t feel like curling?  Braid your hair in a loose braid when damp at night, sleep on it, and wake up to soft beachy waves.Want to make that perfume you wear last longer?  Rub a little bit of that Vaseline on your wrist before your spritz!  It will make your scent last all day.

I certainly hope these quick tips help you as much as they’ve helped me.  Sometimes we just don’t have the time, and sometimes we just don’t feel like it.  Either is ok!  😉  By following these easy tips you can still feel your best self.

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