Our Story

The Inspiration

I wanted to create a clean beauty brand that required zero sacrifice. I found some non-toxic brands, but the quality and efficacy just wasn’t meeting my high expectations. So I set out to create a makeup and beauty brand that you can and will love.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your time, money and health on mediocre products, no one should.

The Name

KISMET. So simple, yet a word that isn’t widely known. KISMET means destiny or fate. Which, from experience, is a word that can sum up my life’s path.

The Founder

My name is Caitlin Picou and I am a licensed Makeup Artist and have been creating products in the beauty space for over a decade. I worked in the high-end professional haircare world developing the best-performing products for multi-million dollar brands. But I noticed a huge gap in the industry for cleaner products that still worked. I decided to take a leap of faith, and created out very first clean product, Opulent Body Bronzer. Since 2013, my brand has been in multiple magazines like Southern Living and Yoga, along with being featured on CNBC’s Billion Dollar Buyer.


We will provide customers with beauty products that consistently outperform higher-end brands, while keeping affordable prices for everyone. We will develop wearable, on-trend colors while maintaining a smaller offering so you are not overwhelmed by too many options. We will live up to the highest standard of business ethics and continuously give back to the local community. We will continuously strive to bring customers only products made within the USA. And make sure every day, every event, every moment is fun! Because, in the end, isn’t that what this is all about?