The Inspiration

We wanted to create a beauty brand that works with your clothing. We wanted to think of this brand as a fashion brand, not just another beauty line. We teamed up with local Louisiana fashion bloggers & designers to create a fun, inspiring line and we couldn’t be happier!

Fashion is no longer just about the dress you are wearing. It is about the entire look, from the right pair of shoes to the perfect hairstyle to match. You wouldn’t wear a pair of cork wedges with a cocktail dress now would you? Let’s hope not. This is the mentality that we bring to the table with KISMET, a beauty line that enhances your overall look. Thus, fashion is head to toe.

Just as a clothing designer would sketch out a dress, we sketched out the first product in the line. And we have plenty more sketches ready to go! We are constantly working with local designers to create fabulous new product ideas!

The Name

KISMET. So simple, yet a word that isn’t widely known. KISMET means destiny or fate. Which, from experience, is a word that can sum up life.

Our Goal

We will provide boutiques and customers with beauty products that consistently outperform higher-end brands, while keeping affordable prices for everyone. We will develop wearable, on-trend colors while maintaining a smaller offering so you are not overwhelmed by too many options. We will live up to the highest standard of business ethics and continuously give back to the local community. We will continuously strive to bring customers only products made within the USA. Finally, we will make sure every day, every event, every moment is fun! Because in the end, isn’t that what this is all about?