I am taking a moment to discuss something that is hard for the majority of women out there. But we need to come together to support and empower each other. I too struggle with focusing on my faults, and comparing myself to others. It is nearly impossible not to in today’s social media bragging environment.
Too often I scroll through instagram or facebook and see the millions of beautiful photos of friends and acquaintances and think, ‘man I wish I had her hair’ or ‘I wish I could wear that.’ Trust me, I am almost 100% positive we ALL do that. But newsflash, we are way too harsh on ourselves. No, we aren’t physically perfect, but we were made perfect in God’s eyes! So here are some tips to boost that self-esteem.
When you look into the mirror and start questioning your nose, or the acne scars, take a step back from that mirror and point out at least one thing you think looks good. Do this every time, mentally stop yourself from running away on negative thoughts.
You see those stretch marks from your beautiful child, realize those are there because you CREATED A HUMAN BEING! Sure, maybe they can be a pain in the butt, but you do realize you did something men cannot do and a lot of women dream they could.
Learn how to take a compliment. Next time someone says your hair looks great today, don’t jump into ‘oh please, it’s a mess’, just say ‘thank you’. This will slowly push out the negative mindset.
Take a walk. Seriously. If you aren’t the exercising type, a 30 minute walk will do wonders for clearing the mind, soul and boosting your overall mood.
Find your tribe. Surround yourself with people who will only put you up. So what you have a huge zit, they won’t care to discuss it. You are beautiful in their eyes no matter what.

Size zero 10 years ago?  So what! We were made to grow and become more wise. There is a reason we all aren’t still 16. Yeah we only want to make those mistakes a couple times.
Find your style and own it. So what you like to wear a not-so-conventional dress. You love it, wear it.
Lastly, put down the phone. Step away and go live life! Stop getting caught up in whatever everyone else is doing. Life is literally passing you by as you scroll. Appreciate each breath you are given. Just check in periodically for the positive info on facebook.
Remember, just because she is a pretty peacock, doesn’t mean you aren’t a fabulous flamingo!

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