Here at Kismet we recently added bath bombs to our line of products.  We were super excited to join in on this new bath trend, but we wanted to find out if they really lived up to all they hype.  We tested many, many bath products to compare and see exactly how we wanted to create our line. These beautiful little balls of fizzy goodness are everything we hoped they would be.  We tried our “Pop” bath bombs along with others developed by our peers, and while we think ours pack the biggest bang for your buck, there are so many fun options available for all of our bath aficionados out there.
First, let’s talk about the ingredients and what makes them fizz. Bath bombs are mainly made up of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate which reacts together to release carbon dioxide gas. Once dropped into the water, the bath bomb begins to break apart releasing the other ingredients, such as, essential oil, colorant, moisturizer etc. While the citric acid and the sodium bicarbonate have no benefits for the skin, the moisturizer does. These fun, colorful balls can soften your skin instantly, while being sweet on the eyes. We use Organic Shea Butter in each of our bath bombs, so you are guaranteed softer skin.
However, there are some ingredients to lookout for because they can irritate. If you have sensitive skin and see ingredients such as limonene, linalool, and alpha-isomethyl ionone, then I would pass. Luckily, here at Kismet we made sure to create bath bombs without these ingredients.
But if you aren’t into the technical aspect and you are in it for the psychedelic color display and the scents, then you have plenty of options out there. Bath bombs come in an array of shapes and colors. Some even contain glitter and flower petals. You can even find bath bombs with ‘prizes’ inside.
Either way, just POP a bath bomb in and you will quickly realize what the hype is all about. Softer skin and a incredible sensory experience isn’t anything to complain about.

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