Ladies, we are a few weeks in to 2017 and some of us…ok most of us have already given up on our resolutions. What if we stopped making resolutions to better ourselves and actually did just that. Here are small changes you can make in 2017 to challenge yourself, and in return better yourself.
Change your hair!  Go for it!  That chop you have been wanting to get, the highlights you envy in the magazines, or maybe you want to go for longer thicker locks via extensions.  Whatever change it may be that your gut has been telling you to make, go for it.  It’s only hair.  It will grow back.  Talk to your stylist and see would they would recommend for your face shape and skin tone.
Makeup!  Order that red lippy you have been eyeing!   Try that winged eyeliner! Maybe the change you need to make is a less is more approach.  Soft pinks and a more natural look to let your true beauty shine through. Challenging yourself to try something new whether it be with more, or with less will definitely bring forth a change.
Change your fragrance, change your mood!  Maybe trying a new perfume would be a fun change in your daily routine.  A new fragrance can change your outlook on the day as a whole.  Choose a fragrance that will make you feel happy and bubbly.
Change your attitude!  Are you a people pleaser? Find it hard to say no?  Sit up straight, head up, and walk proud.  Devote more resources to your own happiness, instead of trying to please others. Allowing yourself to be a little selfish, while still being selfless can do wonders for your attitude.
Take a class! Increase your knowledge in something, even if it is something you think is completely ridiculous. Take an art class, a cooking class, a sewing class or an acting class. Whatever you do, as silly as it may seem, it only creates a more well-rounded you. I am taking a photographer class starting next weekend. Excited to see how that goes!
You see it isn’t always about losing 15 lbs. or giving up that bad habit (although giving those up is a good idea…like my soft drink habit). Challenge yourself to make a change, to do something you’ve been wanting to do or something you never thought you would do.  Here’s to making 2017 the best year yet.

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