Let’s talk products!  Do you have any products in your makeup bag that you use down to the very last bit?  I know I am the queen of buying things and using them for a while before I get bored and want to try something new.  I swear one of my favorite things to do when I get a few minutes to myself is browse the cosmetics aisle for new goodies and ideas, but there are a few products in my bag that I always use until I can’t possibly squeeze anymore out of them.
As I am getting older I am realizing how important it is to have a good skincare routine.  I recently started using this Tulasara Bright Concentrate Serum from Aveda, and I am in love with it.  After having a baby, my face seemed to freak out, and I had lots of discoloration and hyper-pigmentation and after just a couple weeks of using this product I can already see the difference, so I am super excited to see my results as I continue. I know for sure that this little bottle will be used until the very last drop.
My Kismet Mascarade Mascara.  Ever since we released this product in 2016 I have been addicted. It’s perfect for my sensitive eyes and for everyday where.  I can’t get enough of it.
I am also in LOVE with Benefit Cosmetics’ Hello Flawless Powder Foundation. I started wearing it about a year ago, and it is perfect to wear every day over my moisturizer or over a light coverage liquid foundation for a more dramatic nighttime look!  I am usually scraping this compact until the very last bit is gone!
Our Buff Collection Sugar Lip Scrub is AMAZING!  I am a fan of the Bright & Bubbly and I use it every night right before brushing my teeth to keep my lips super smooth and hydrated. I’ve already gone through several jars of this stuff in the short amount of time we have had it in our line.
So there is my list of go to products that I always use down to the very last bit!  What are some products you can’t get enough of?

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