Kismet Instagram Insiders Application

Kismet Insiders

You are a true blue Kismet fan, and now it is time to be rewarded. You can now earn Kismet Store Credit by simply interacting with us on Instagram. It is about time we put our mindless scrolling time to good use. Space is limited, so once your application is received, we will add you to the waitlist and let you know once you are approved. You will receive an email of approval and you will be added to confidential Instagram DM group.
  • Please use the email that you wish to receive your monthly store credit amount.
  • The instagram handle you will be using to like, comment and post about @KismetCosmetics.
  • By writing your name, you are agreeing to be part of an instagram group where @KismetCosmetics will send you every post, and you will like, comment and tag people accordingly within a timely manner. In exchange for being actively involved with Kismet on Instagram you can earn anywhere from $10 to $50 in Kismet Store Credits.
    We have three Tiers of interaction, by selecting one, you are agreeing to the laid out level of interaction. - Turn Post Notifications On Interaction Ideally within 5 Minutes - Like and Comment on Every Post Making it Personal and Unique every time - Interact with our stories by sending emojis, answering questions and clicking links - Giveaway Posts must tag 10 people - Tune in to watch Live Videos - Repost a Kismet Post a Minimum of 1x per week in your Stories or Feed
  • We have an open discussion support group for beauty or really anything! So join it to take part in it. Type your name to verify you joined.
  • Once your application is approved, you will be added to our Instagram DM group where we will send you our posts and any additional information. However, this group is not to be used by you personally. Since there will be others within the group, we ask you to email or send just Kismet any messages you may have with comments or concerns. Our goal is not to spam up your instagram, but to share our communication effectively and efficiently so you can participate fully. By writing your full name, you are signing an agreement.