It’s almost that time!  This girl is longing for salty air, sand between my toes, and sunshine.  Every girl has her beach essentials that she can’t live without. I am going to give you a little peak inside my beach must haves.
SPF-Gone are the days of rubbing baby oil on this skin.  Now I actually slather on the Sunscreen and wear floppy hats. I discovered Sun Bum brand Sunscreen and I LOVE it!  It smells fantastic and feels so good on your skin.  They also have a really great sea spray that works great if you are trying to pull off those effortless beach waves and deep conditioning mask for all those hours your hair had in the sun and salt.
Hat- Got to have that floppy hat I was talking about above.  I am actually kind of crazy about the newest ones with cute little sayings on them.  “Wish you were here” and “Do Not Disturb” are some of my favorites.  Can’t wait to wear one of these on my next beach vacay.
Sunglasses- I love NOLA and I love Krewe brand sunglasses designed in my favorite city.  I don’t leave the house without my polarized St. Louis shades.
Chapstick- I am kind of a chapstick addict. So heading to the beach without it would be a huge mistake.  I am going to go back to Sun Bum brand with this one because I have seriously become obsessed with this small brand that has recently blown up. Their Coconut Chapstick saves my lips from the sun’s harmful rays.
Aloe Vera-Everyone needs this to cool off after a long day in the sun.  I usually just grab whichever one I can find on the drug store shelf and toss it in my bag.
Whether you’re headed on a family vacation or a fun filled girls weekend, make sure you pack the essentials. We hope you enjoy your upcoming summer vacations, wherever they may be.  Enjoy some sand, sun, and margaritas for us!

Detangling Spray- The second that salt water hits these tresses, it’s a disaster. I like Mane N Tail’s Detangler.  I usually scoop this up at my nearest Sally’s.  I spray my hair throughout the day with this product and comb out my hair with another essential in my beach bag, a wide toothed comb. (Tip: when your hair is wet, a wide tooth comb causes less breakage than a regular brush.)

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