Most makeup artist will agree that whether you are creating a super glam look or a natural, no-makeup look, the canvas you are working on and how it is prepped is key to how the overall look turns out.  These are some basic rules that I rely on daily to always put my best face forward for makeup application:
– Drink plenty of Water.  Seriously, this may be the most important piece of advice I can give to you. Not only is good hydration important to your overall health, but also it is critical to your skin. Hydrated skin appears younger, dewy, and smoother!
– Exfoliate your face and lips regularly.  Speak with your dermatologist about your skin type and how often you should be exfoliating.  Getting rid of dead, unwanted skin cells is key to a smooth makeup application.  I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub for my face daily and Kismet’s Buff lip scrub on my lips every night before brushing my teeth.
– Concealer. It is a must have. I prefer thicker concealers that can be thinned out with eye creams or moisturizers as needed.  Everyone needs something to cover those pesky pimples we all get or to cover those dark circles from lack of sleep.  Added tip, if you apply concealer to the places you will apply highlighter, it will give your highlighter extra staying power.
– Use something to set your makeup. Whether it be a setting spray or a translucent powder, apply something to help give your foundation staying power…Especially if you live in South Louisiana humidity like I do.
– And for my number one tip,  always be prepared with your favorite lippy. I recommend keeping a neutral color, a red, and another brightly colored lippy on you at all times. You can use these in a pinch to add a little color to your lips or even to your cheeks.  Or you can swipe it on heavy for a night out. Kismet’s Naked GypsyBurnout , and Rosy Posy would be a great trio to keep on hand!
Try to stick to these rules!  Take care of your skin, know what works for you!

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