It has happened to the best of us!  Maybe you dropped your favorite blush on the ground and it’s a crumbled mess, or you rolled that lipstick up just a little too far and now it’s broken at the base. Here are a few tips to repair the damage and extend the life of your products!
Broken Powder Makeup-
(Powder, blush, eye shadow, bronzer)
You Need:
The broken product Rubbing Alcohol (the higher concentration the better) Plastic Wrap (keeps your fingers clean)
Gather all the broken pieces of makeup into the original container.  Crush the whole thing up, even the parts that may not have broken. Add a few drops of alcohol to the compact, let it soak in.  Cover with the plastic wrap and gently press down to smooth out the mixture.  If the mixture still appears to be dry, add a few more drops of rubbing alcohol.Once it is all smooth again, you just have to wait.  The alcohol has to dry up and evaporate out of it.  Once it does your product will be as good as new and the alcohol scent will be gone!
You need:
Broken lipstick Gloves Match or lighter
Clean your workspace and use gloves. Remove the broken piece if it is still in the tube.Stand the base of the lipstick upright on the workspace.  Swivel it up as far as possible. Take the match or lighter and carefully run the flame beneath the base of the lipstick, slightly melting the area where you will attach the broken piece. Attach the broken piece gently to the base of the lipstick. Seal the edges using a toothpick, by smoothing the sides together. Refrigerate for an hour and it will be as good as new!
Hopefully these little repair hacks will keep you from throwing you money in the trash along with your broken makeup in the future!  There are also tons of great YouTube videos to take you through the process step by step!

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