Want to fake the appearance of fuller, more luscious lips?  Doesn’t everyone?  Here are two of our favorite hacks for pulling off this look without breaking the bank or undergoing cosmetic procedures.
Highlight the Cupid’s Bow:
What does it do?  Makes the upper lip line more convex and emphasizes lip contour.

Use a pencil highlighter to line the outside of your lip line in your Cupid’s Bow.Slightly blend the highlighter along the upper lip line towards the corners.

Apply your favorite lipstick. We recommend our fan favorite Hey Baby from the Velvet Collection.

Finish by dabbing a bit of highlighter to the center of your lower lip to add volume.

This trick creates the illusion of your upper lip being pulled upward and the highlighter in the center of your lower lip creates and fuller look for your bottom lip.
Use a white pencil to make your lips appear fuller:
What does it do?  By having the inner part of your lips a tad lighter than the outer corners, they appear fuller.
Apply a white lip pencil to the center of your lips.  I would go from the center to just about half way to the corners.Apply a colored lip liner to the corners of your lips that are not filled in with the white liner.  Stick to more neutral tones with this trick.  You probably wouldn’t achieve the same look with a bold red liner.Blend these two together with either your finger or a lip brush. Apply gloss.
With the light shade in the center of your lip, you create an illusion of fullness there.  By topping off with a shiny gloss you really create a super full looking pout.
These are just quick and easy tips to make your lips appear fuller using products that you probably already have in your makeup bag!  We hope these tips help out!  What are some of your lip plumping tips?

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