Birthday Parties

Starting at ages 5 and Up.

We can create a custom makeup party that is both age-appropriate and one to remember, forever. All parties are available on-location too!

Kismet Cosmetics hosts makeup + glitter parties for all ages. We focus on age-appropriate lessons and instructions to create an interactive party for all the guests.

Our mini party-goers can opt for our Disney Princess Parties, where we offer hair-styling, such as braiding, custom glitter blending and more.

For the Pre-Teen age-range, we focus on proper and clean skincare, along with the very basics of makeup. These party goers get to play with real makeup, in a professional setting with fully-trained artists.

For teenagers, we touch on proper skincare, but give them an age-appropriate makeup lesson, along with educating on proper techniques and looks.

Every party goer gets to create their very own custom face or hair glitter blend. We have over 40+ glitter shapes and colors to choose from. We even have add-on services that can be done during the party, like hair tinsel and our Glitzy Gems applications. Interested in booking? Give us a call at 985-900-2455 or email us at

Why Kismet?

Each party booked with us comes with the following:

  • PICK YOUR PARTY: Choice of theme between Disney Princess or Makeup Lessons with a Makeup Artist.
  • PARTY TO-GO: Each party-goer gets a goodie bag, which includes an eye and lip mask, a skincare sample and your custom-glitter blend, that we make during the party..
  • ALL YOURS: Our studio space is reserved just for you and your party for 2 hours.
  • DISCOUNT: Any and all purchases made during the party receive 20% off, this applies to the mommas attending as well!
  • ONE-STOP SHOP: We partner with Cupcake Concept & The Graceful Host to curate treats and aesthetic vibes for your party, at an additional fee. We handle all the arranging, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!
  • SETUP + CLEANUP: We will setup and clean up for your party. You are welcome to bring in outside food + drinks or we can get all this for you. Whatever you prefer!
  • ON-LOCATION SERVICES AVAILABLE: We can come to the comfort of your own home for any and all parties!

Party Themes:

  • The Mini Glitter Party (ages 5-9). Each party-goer gets to create their very own custom glitter blend. They can choose from over 40+ glitter shapes and colors. Add-ons include:
    • Hair Tinsel
    • Hair Braiding/Styling
    • Additional Glitter Blends
    • Hair Glitter
    • Glitzy Face Gems
    • Special Guest Disney Princess of Choice. We currently have Anna + Elsa and Princess Tiana to choose from.
  • The Pre-Teen Treatment (ages 10-14). Once all guests arrive and get settled, our Makeup Artist will walk through proper skincare and age-appropriate makeup applications, with samples for the girls to follow along. The birthday girl gets to wear a special headpiece and have her skincare and makeup applied by our professionally trained artist. This take about hour. Then we move onto the birthday cake and treats. Lastly, we let each girl whip up their very own face glitter to take with them, along with their goodie bag of samples and masks. Add-ons include:
    • Hair Tinsel
    • Hair Braiding + Styling
    • Additional Glitter Blends
    • Hair Glitter
    • Glitzy Face Gem Applications
  • Kismet Makeup Party (ages 15+). Have your guests bring their makeup bags, and have the birthday girl pick a look she wants to learn. Our professional makeup artist will teach the girls, step-by-step, how to achieve that makeup look. This party is ideal for ALL AGES! It is never too late to learn how to apply makeup. Add-ons include:
    • Hair Tinsel
    • Hair Braiding/Styling
    • Additional Glitter Blends
    • Hair Glitter
    • Glitzy Face Gems

Get Your Quote Today:

Book Your Birthday Party Today!

QUOTES. Every quote is customized to your party. You can contact Gabrielle via email at, call the studio at 985-900-2455, or fill out this form.

DEPOSIT. We charge a $150 non-refundable deposit that WILL BE APPLIED to the party total the day-of. Your date is not reserved until the deposit is made. We understand, changes do occur, and we will be flexibility with rescheduling if needed and crediting accounts for future use if needed.

“I had my 10 year old’s birthday party at Kismet and it was the easiest, cutest and most perfect party! The girls were given a skincare and makeup tutorial and were able to make their own DIY face glitter as a party favor! All of the girls left with a goodie bag of awesome Kismet products and some new makeup tips and tricks! All of my daughter’s friends are already talking about having their parties at Kismet. The staff is amazing, and I can’t thank them enough for taking care of everything! They accommodated all 13 of our girls and the party went off without a hitch! 10/10 recommend!!! My daughter said it was her most favorite party ever! Thanks, Kismet!!!”

Kristyn Barbaro

“My daughter and her friends had a blast at Kismet! It is just such a unique experience for a birthday party. Super girly, and just all around fun. I love how the artist touched on how filters aren’t realistic and educated them on that subject. I just loved it there! They made it super easy. I highly recommend having a birthday party here!”

Ashley Smith