Post-Election Hangover Cures

Who else woke up today feeling like you were put through the ringer!? It has certainly been a long Election Season with lots of ugliness. So today lets talk about some ways to relax and melt away all that stress you were feeling over the last several months.
– We are loving these candles from the Nouvelle Candle Company, located right here near us in South Louisiana. These candles smell AMAZING and with scents like Crepe Myrtle, Sweet Olive, and New Orleans, it will feel like you’ve been transported right in to the sleepy southern city.
– Who doesn’t love a good bath? I certainly do. So grab your coziest robe and your fuzzy slippers and get ready to pamper yourself. Bath salts, bath bombs, and oils are all the rage right now and you can find them everywhere. We recently released some here at Kismet that are made with Organic Shea butter, so they not only smell amazing they work wonders on that dry skin that comes with the changing weather. So draw that hot bath, toss in one of your favorite bath products and sit back and relax.
– It is time to treat yourself. Head on over to your favorite salon and spa and get a massage, or a pedicure. I know I always feel 100% better after leaving a spa appointment. These people are trained to help you melt away stress. Plus they usually offer wine or hot tea while you’re being pampered.
– Lastly, grab lunch with a good friend. Lets face it, friends are good for the soul, and everyone of us has that one friend that when we walk way from them we always feel better and refreshed. Call up that friend and have some girl time. We guarantee laughter and girl talk work wonders!
There is so much going on in our world to be negative about, but there is so much good! If we make the choice to focus on that, the good in everyone, life becomes more beautiful. And isn’t that what it’s really all about?

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