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  • Opulent Body Bronzing Lotion

    This is a lazy girl’s solution to self-tanning. This body bronzer is THE fool-proof way to get a tan without worrying about streaks.  
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  • Grounding Powder Foaming Face Wash

    Rice powder is extremely gentle on skin, but still effective and natural enough to buff any traces of makeup and free radicals away.
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  • Unfiltered Setting Spray

    We use the same ingredients that make a mascara water-proof, and blended it into this awesome formula. So now you can make your entire makeup look water-proof with a few simple sprays.
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  • Blossom Blush

    Now you can pick only the shades you want while storing them neatly in your K-Palette.
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  • Bijou 24-Hour Liquid Eyeshadow

    This innovative long-lasting liquid eye shadow will apply seamlessly and last up to 24 hours.
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  • Opulent Tanning Collection

    This. Is. Major. All the products you need to create the most natural-looking, glowing tan, at an even cheaper price. If you need an instant glow, we have it! If you need a long-lasting tan, you can get it here. Do you want a long-lasting glow with a little extra oomph? Put them together!
    • Get the ideal glow with our entire Opulent Collection
    • This set includes our Self-Tanning Mousse, Body Bronzing Lotion, and Mitts for a flawless application.
    • A blend of high-end dyes, like violet and green, ensures that our Opulent Mousse will never turn you orange.
    • Works on all skin tones, you can layer application for a darker finish, or apply once for the ideal glow.
    You have so much going on, you do not have time to always plan out your tans. Sometimes you can treat yourself to a salon spray treatment, sometimes all you have time for is a quick mousse application at night. Then there are times you make last-minute dinner plans and need an instant tan in minutes. No matter the situation, our Opulent Collection can handle it. The best part? You can use all these products together to create the most glowing skin you ever had! Layer our Opulent Body Bronzer on top of the dried Opulent Mousse. The outcome will amaze you. Glow girl! Be confident! Included in the Set:
    • 4.2  Oz | 124 mL of Opulent Self Tanning Mousse (3-6 full body applications)
    • 4 Oz | 118 mL of Opulent Body Bronzing Lotion (15-20 full body applications)
    • 1 Body and Face Mitt Set
    Each Opulent Body Bronzing tube comes sealed for your protection and is easy to squeeze out for a seamless application. No mitts needed. One tube will last a very very VERY long time. You will be surprised! Our Easy-to-pump white foamer Opulent Self Tanning Mousse bottle can give you up to six full body tans. Our opaque white bottle ensures the dyes in the product will remain in perfect condition, so you will never have to worry about turning orange. Each ready to use Mitt set comes with a hand mitt for the large body areas, and a small finger applicator for the face and those harder to get places. To Use Opulent Self Tanning Mousse: Using our mitt applicator, apply foam in long, smooth strokes to all the areas you wish to tan. For a darker tan, add a second application. Apply to face with our smaller mitt. Rinse in warm water, sans soap, 8 to 12 hours after application. Moisturize with Opulent Body Bronzer. To Use Opulent Body Bronzing Lotion: Apply Opulent Body Bronzing Lotion to desired areas such as arms, legs, and décolletage. Allow drying five minutes before dressing. To remove simply rinse lotion off in the shower. LBD and LWD approved. Have a question? Look at our Q&A tab below to either find your questions answered or to ask it! If you want a more instant answer, use our handy chat feature in the bottom right corner of the website.
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  • Fixed Powder Foundation

    Our Fixed Pressed Powder Foundation delivers unsurpassed coverage that nourishes, corrects and protects.
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  • Natural Tinted Moisturizer With Hyaluronic Acid

    This light-weight, oil-controlling tinted cream is designed to treat with high levels of active skincare ingredients.
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