• Opulent Self-Tanning Mousse

    Our custom-blended set of dyes (purchased directly from France), ensures you will never look orange. You will have a beautiful, natural and healthy-looking glow that will last 3-5 days, guaranteed.
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    Love spray tans? So do we! Join our Monthly Glow Clique and get unlimited tans for just $60 per month. Monthly memberships are limited, but we will open up more spots each month. HOW IT WORKS: Purchase our subscription. Then go and Book a Spray Tan to schedule as many appointments as you would like! Being this is such a busy time for us, all spray tanning sessions must be booked in advance. Please note while booking a spray tan, it will show you the full price. However, you will not be expected to pay at the time of service, unless you have add-ons or you fall in love with one of our newest lipsticks! We understand they are hard to resist. Our unique spray tan formula was developed by our owner and makeup artist to ensure you will never be orange. Our three formulas were developed for each skin undertones. We use the ideal blend of red, green and purple dyes to give you a natural color every single time.
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  • Opulent Tanning Mitts

    Flawless tans don’t just happen on their own. Just like a makeup artist needs the right tools to create a look, you need the right mitt to get a streakless fake tan application.
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  • Opulent Body Bronzing Lotion

    This is a lazy girl’s solution to self-tanning. This body bronzer is THE fool-proof way to get a tan without worrying about streaks.  
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  • Opulent Professional Spray Tan Formula

    The first spray tan solution developed by a makeup artist to compliment the skin's undertones.
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