Retailer Resources

Welcome to our Retailer Resources page. Here you will find Product Videos, Fact Sheets and Images to download and share with your sales staff and your followers. Every thing you need to know about our products to sell, sell, sell.

We highly recommend giving each new of your sales team a printed out copy of our Product Knowledge (PK) Sheets for each product, so they can get to know the ins and outs. Along with watching our Product Videos to better understand why the product is beneficial.

Want us to send you a folder filled with fact sheets for your employees to review? Just email us to request a copy just for your sales team.



You will find all the tools you need to get started with selling Kismet. From videos on how-to set-up your beautiful new display, to informational sheets about each individual products for you and your staff to review. Knowledge is the key to selling.

Setting Up Your Kismet Displays

These PK sheets are perfect for a basic rundown of each product we offer. We recommend printing these out for each sales team member to review so they can familiarize themselves with each product. Information includes key ingredients and benefits, price and how-to use.

You can click the button below to download ALL of our PK sheets or click on the ‘Product Knowledge Sheets by Product’ to download a specific PK sheet.


Do you find you or your staff are more visual? Have them watch this playlist of videos to get to know the products better. We run through what the product is, the benefit and why your customers will love it. Think of it like the printable PK sheets, but in video form.

Don’t be shy! If you really enjoy a video, you can share with your followers! The better educated they are, the more they will want to purchase the products.


We have a dedicated team of photographers, videographers and graphic designers that curate and create content for you to share with your followers. From professional advertising videos, to fun Insta-worthy images, you can always login in and find the resources you need to share with the world your love of Kismet!


Professionally filmed videos to showcase lip colors, products and how-tos to share with your customers. Social media is all about pushing video content to the top. Reach more people with our carefully curated content.


We did the hard work for you. We have created a visually beautiful selection of social media photos that are perfect for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat and Twitter. Let your customers know about the newest products.

Want more photos weekly? Keep an eye out for our emails we send to you every Monday. They contain already written blurb with hashtags for a video and three social media photos for the week.