The ingredient we are still talking about forty years later.

We discussed Vitamin E & C last week, now lets talk Retinol. Retinol made it’s way to the beauty world in the mid-1970s and it is STILL being used today. That says something.

Retinol is proven to both fight aging and acne. A perfect combo for us older women whomight still deal with acne. Trust me, I feel your pain.

You can get Retinol products over-the-counter and via prescription. Prescription works faster, but over-the-counter you will notice results in about 8-10 weeks. So patience is a virtue here. It is all about the end game.

Dryness will occur. So PLEASE moisturize over and over again while using any products with Retinol. Start off slowly. Apply a little bit once a day, or even every-other day, until your skin gets accustomed to the product. Stay out of the sun and away from harsh chemical peels.

But what about Retinol for your body? Is there such a thing? So it has been talked about how Retinol might reduce stretch marks. But again, use moisturizer and sunscreen.

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