Makeup Brush Cleaning


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Are dirty brushes ruining your skin? Most likely. Did you know:

  • Dirty Brushes Transfer Germs
  • Dirty Brushes Compromise Your Application
  • Dirty Brushes Irritate Your Skin
  • Dirty Brushes Aggravate Acne

It can be a real pain finding the time to properly clean your makeup brushes. Send them to Kismet! Let us do the dirty work.


  1. Select the amount of brushes you need cleaned. 5-24 brushes are $.75 each. 25+ are just $.50 each.
  2. If it is your first time getting your brushes cleaned, select ‘ Yes, I need a Case’. If you have a case from us already then select ‘No, I do not need a case’.
  3. Input your shipping address and checkout.
  4. If this is your first time: The Kismet Shipping team will mail you a makeup brush case in a padded envelope with a return shipping label via priority mail. It will arrive 1-3 days. If you do not need a case, we will email you a shipping label to ship your brushes in the provided case to us. Just pop in your mailbox.
  5. Place your brushes into the brush case, and place back into the padded envelope.
  6. Stick the return shipping label on the padded envelope and place into your mailbox.
  7. Once received, we will wash same day, let them completely dry and ship back to you within 48 hours.

The Kismet team of professional artists know exactly how to properly cleanse your brushes, naturally. We use a scent-free and mild soap to through cleanse under room temperature water. After getting the gunk off each brush, we then use a Tea Tree essential oil to properly disinfect your brushes, naturally. We then reshape your brushes and lay them to dry. Once fully dry, we place them back into the brush case and mail back to you, ready to use.

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We use an all-natural shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your brushes and sponges. Then we use a little Tea Tree Essential Oil to kill any unwanted bacteria. Rinse in room temperature water and reshape to air dry. Everything is set back clean and dry in a makeup brush case for you to keep and ship back when ready!


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