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Wink Eyelash Serum

“This serum works! My lashes are fuller and longer after just a few weeks… It has just really enhanced their natural beauty and it’s actually easier to apply mascara.” – Melanie

Irritation from unnatural ingredients is not a game we play here at Kismet, especially when it comes to your eyes. You deserve longer, fuller lashes without the risk to your health or your wallet. Wink is a hypoallergenic formula that is clinically tested to not only grow your lashes but thicken them for a fraction of the price.

  • We use a trio of natural peptides that work synergistically to grow and fill out your eyelashes for a noticeable difference in just a few weeks.
  • Wink also uses Rose Flower Water to condition your lashes and White Tea to nourish. This safe, gentle, and effective formula will have you batting your eyes in no time.
  • Are you a frequent Lash Lift-er? Wink keeps your lashes lifted from this popular treatment longer.
  • Hypoallergenic formula is clinically tested to not only grow your lashes but thicken them too.
  • Can be used on your eyebrows to help stimulate growth.

  1. Wink Eyelash Serum

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Ever been envious over someone’s lashes? Her secret… a lash serum! A lash serum is the best, most natural way to enhance the length and fullness of your lashes without resorting to drastic measures. However, nearly every serum I tried made my eyes itch. What is the point of beautiful lashes, if you are uncomfortable? I finally found one that worked, but the cost was IN-SANE. So I worked with my favorite chemist to create a formula that didn’t contain those itchy ingredients and then priced it to remove the crazy sticker shock. The real secret… those other companies don’t need to charge so much, they just know they can get away with it.

  • Thoroughly tested and clinically proven effective.
  • Hypoallergenic, safe, and approved to be used around the eyes.
  • We list our ingredients below, so you can see the role each ingredient plays in this easy-to-apply formula.
  • One tube is guaranteed to show a visible difference in length and fullness of lashes or your money back.
  • Wink will NOT change your eye color

5 mL

Each tube comes with a soft, easy-to-use brush for precise application. One tube will last you approximately 6 weeks when used nightly. Use your first tube nightly to quickly grow lashes, then use your subsequent tubes every other night for maintenance.

To Use: You only need to apply this serum to your clean eyelashes once a day. Apply to the top lash line is all that is needed. When you blink, it will transfer to the bottom lash line. Expect to see results in as little as 3 weeks, with full results after 90 days. One bottle will last you at least 6 weeks, although most last 8-12 weeks.

Think about it… you wouldn’t skip the conditioner after washing your hair, would you? The same rule applies to your lashes and brows. YES! You can also use this conditioning serum on your eyebrows too. Enhance your natural beauty with just a swipe a night. And just when you didn’t think it could get any better, this product ships for free!

Have a question? Look at our Q&A tab below to either find your questions answered or to ask it! If you want a more instant answer, use our handy chat feature in the bottom right corner of the website.

Ditch the itch! You deserve a mascara that won’t irritate your eyes. Swap it for an organic and nourishing one. You can stop the eye-rub for good!

Mascara is often filled with harmful chemicals, such as parabens, and potential carcinogens such as petroleum and tar. These toxic ingredients have adverse effects on not only your eyelashes, but also your overall health. In mascara, these chemicals can also have negative beauty effects by hindering lash growth and causing lashes to fall out!

Our all-natural, water-based mascara lengthens, separates, and thickens lashes without crumbling, flaking, or falling. Safe enough for your real lashes and safe enough for your eyelash extensions. It even promotes lash growth and lash fallout-prevention.

The jet black formula is lightly scented with calming lavender and lemon essential oils.

If you find yourself skipping the mascara because of irritation, we promise Mascarade will be your new daily go-to mascara!

Use Mascarade with our Wink Eyelash Growth Serum and your lashes will be unstoppable, just like you!

Care for Your Eyes with:

  • Organic Chamomile calms all irritation.
  • Organic Carnauba Wax is a natural thickener that doesn’t clog pores, ensuring a smooth application for silky lashes. But it gets better! This mascara also softens lashes at the same time, leaving your eyelashes voluminous and clump-free!
  • Vitamin E Nourishes lashes to promote growth.
  • Organic Sunflower Oil moisturizes and prevents lash fallout.


  • Water – water-based mascara makes it safer to use on both natural lashes and eyelash extensions
  • Organic Chamomile calms any irritation
  • Beeswax helps to hold the mascara to the eyelashes
  • Glycerol all-natural way to moisturize hair
  • Organic Carnauba Wax is a natural thickener that doesn’t clog pores, ensuring a smooth application for silky lashes. But it gets better! This mascara also softens lashes at the same time, leaving your eyelashes voluminous and clump-free!
  • Organic Sunflower Oil nourishes and conditions lashes to help them grow stronger
  • Stearic Acid is used to create thicker lashes
  • Rice Powder Helps to absorb excess oil
  • Organic Lecithin helps masacara to apply smoothly
  • Shellac helps to hold your longer and thicker lashes
  • Vitamin E nourishes to promote lash health
  • Sodium Hydroxide balances the pH in the mascara to keep your lashes healthy
  • Origanum Vulgare Leaf Extract conditions lashes
  • Cinnamonum Bark Extract filled with antioxidants
  • Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract Helps to stimulate hair growth
  • Organic Lavender Flower Helps to stimulate hair growth
  • Organic Golden Seal Root Extract helps promote hair growth
  • Organic Lemon Peel conditions hair
  • Caprylyl Glycol all-natural preservative that also softens and moisturizes lashes
  • May Contain Natural Dioxides & Oxides Which give your mascara the jet black color

7 reviews for Mascarade All-Natural Mascara

  1. Ashley Llewellyn

    The best mascara I have ever used! I have bought this product for my mom, my mother-in-law, and my cousins! Natural looking and feeling; no clumps; easy to remove- no pulling on lashes. Highly recommend!

  2. Asana Nichols

    I love this mascara! It leaves my lashes looking fluffy and natural looking! It doesn’t clump and it wasn’t a hassle to remove! Definitely my new favorite mascara! Can’t imagine being without it!!

  3. rebecca collins

    the only mascara my mom and I use. it doesn’t clump or flake and makes my lashes seem longer than they are.

  4. desihotiess

    I’m on my 5th bottle of this mascara as we speak! It doesn’t clump up my lashes at all and gives a natural long, full eyelashes look!!

  5. makenzie_dance

    Not only does this mascara look amazing on, I’m obsessed with the packaging! It’s a slim and tall tube which fits in perfect with makeup brushes.

  6. Ellecookie

    Great mascara for fuller natural looking lashes. Zero irritation, good wear and little-to-no flaking. Definitely a great mascara to keep in your makeup bag!

  7. Teresa Flansburg

    I ordered your mascara and tried it yesterday. It’s amazing! My eyes weren’t bothered at all. I’m so pleased with this mascara.

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