We have some exciting new trends to share with you!  2017 seems like it is going to be a super fun year in the beauty world!  New makeup brushes and blenders are available, low maintenance hair is the hottest new style, masks for your face, lips, and eyes, and braids everywhere.
Here is a list of some of 2017’s hottest trends:
Braids- Braids are everywhere this spring.  Instead of chunky messy fishtail braids and traditional French braids, we are seeing a more boho approach with tiny plait braids throughout your long beachy waves.  Another super cute way to wear your braids is to braid your half up top knot.  We are loving this twist on the traditional top knot.
Charcoal Masks- These things are everywhere.  I cannot scroll through my Instagram feed without seeing some sort of advertisement for these mask containing the hottest new ingredient on the market for flawless skin. They come in all kinds of formulas, clay mask, peel off mask, and gel mask.  You will want to get your hands on one of these.
Silicone Beauty Blenders- Say goodbye to those sponge like beauty blenders that soak up half your product.  The newest silicone versions give you excellent coverage without wasting any of that precious product.
Glitter and Hologram lips- Say goodbye to the matte lips. While I can’t fully get on board with these for an everyday look, they certainly are fun for the girl who wants to make a statement. I just wouldn’t plan on eating or drinking or doing any kissing while wearing these trends.
Gel Lip and Eye Patches- These will be on shelves everywhere this spring…and Kismet has been teasing with a new bath and body product, so here’s hoping that these might what will be hitting our line soon! 😉  Actresses like Emma stone have been Instagraming themselves with the lip-plumping mask pre-makeup for awards shows.
We are super excited about some of these trends and can’t wait to see all of you pretty ladies rocking them into the spring and summer. What are some trends you are looking forward to?

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