Stop Neglecting This Part of Your Face… It Ages The Fastest

We pay so much attention to our facial cleansers, moisturizers, and eye creams, but we often neglect another very important part of our face. Our lips. Exfoliating and moisturizing your lips is something you should definitely add to your beauty routine.
There are many advantages to using a lip scrub or exfoliator. Removing the dead, rough top layer of skin on your lips brings out fresh new layers, making lips soft, smooth, and kissable. When you have a soft, fresh layer of skin it increases the longevity of products, such as lipsticks and stains. Applying products to dry lips will fade quicker and flake off.
We recommend lip exfoliation at least once a week and even more as winter approaches. This will help prevent dry cracked lips that typically appear along with cooler/dryer weather. We personally exfoliate our lips every night before we brush my teeth All you need to do to achieve soft, kissable lips is add this to your regular beauty regimen!
And since we are so in love with exfoliating our lips daily, we created our very own Sugar Lip Scrubs. They are all-natural and have a fabulous tasty scent. Check them out today

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