When I am out and about hosting a pop up lip bar at one of our favorite boutiques or salons, one of the most common questions I get is, “How do I keep my lipstick from bleeding?”. I have come up with a list of tips and tricks to help prevent this dreaded lipstick faux-pas. Follow these tips to keep that lipstick where it belongs…on your pretty little pout!
• EXFOLIATE. Yes ladies, exfoliating your lips is just as important as exfoliating the rest of your skin. We offer a yummy sugar lip scrub called “Buff” in four different flavors. You can buy a cheap toothbrush, and brush your lips every night before bed. Simple, cheap, and easy! Just wet that toothbrush and run it across your lips a few times to help remove some of that dead skin. You should exfoliate at least once a week. If you know you are wearing a bold lip color, I exfoliate the night before.
• MOISTURIZE. Keeping your lips moisturized is just like applying moisturizer on your face. You need to do it daily. Just like a makeup primer for your face, applying the lip balm gives you a smooth canvas to apply which ever type of lip color you decide on. Be sure to do let it soak in before applying your favorite lip color.
• PRIME. Prime with a wax liner or lip primer. These are typically flesh colored or clear! I personally use either Urban Decay’s wax liner or NYX’s lip primer before I apply my favorite Kismet lipstick.
• LINER. Line those lips. If you are someone who swears by traditional lip liners, this is fine too! Just pick a shade similar to the lipstick you will be applying and you are all set. Check out the tips from our previous blog on how to line your lips (here) and then apply away!
• BLOT.  Swipe your lipstick on, dab or blot, apply again and dab or blot one last time. This may take a good bit more time, but the pay off is worth it. By applying your lipstick this way you create several layers of the color and it sets perfectly. This is actually a little trick to make color last even longer than it already does.

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