Summer Fades, But Tans Don’t Have To… 3 Tips to Keep Your Healthy Summer Glow

By now you’ve probably noticed that golden glow from the summer starting to fade…but if you guys are experiencing anything like we are here in South Louisiana, it’s still shorts weather. Trust me, there is nothing worse then putting on your favorite pair of cute suede shorts or that Little Black Dress just to look in the mirror to see your legs have returned to that pasty winter white far too soon. You find yourself reaching for the closest leggings or jeans to cover them up.
We have a few tips to get you through this awkward time. At Kismet we are huge supporters of Skin Cancer Awareness foundations. So we do not recommend laying in a tanning bed as they have proven to increase your risk of skin cancer. Here are some safe options for you when you want to maintain that golden glow:
1. Check into Spray Tans in your area. These are up and coming and offer a pretty realistic looking alternative to coming home from a vacation at the beach. Make sure you go to someone who knows what they are doing and can match an appropriate level of tan to your skin tone so that you don’t turn out looking like you over did it. Also be on the lookout for organic options. They are out there and a little pricer but well worth it if you are going for a more natural look.
2. Try a body bronzing lotion. This is typically a moisturizing lotion that doesn’t have the DHA ingredient in self tanners that make you look orange and smell like burnt skin. These bronzing lotions are great alternatives to self tanners and tanning beds, if you have sensitive skin. At Kismet, we offer our Opulent Bronzing lotion and it is sure to help you achieve that sun-kissed look.
3. Are you just trying to keep that sun-kissed look on your face? Bronzer is the answer. Again go to a professional, let them help you pick a bronzer that won’t look to dark on your skin. The goal here is to look natural. Make sure to carry that bronzer down so your neck and face match. Also dust a little on your collar bones to make them pop! You want to hit the places on your face that you would typically get sun first. Cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. Top it off with a pretty highlighter for that dewy summer glow.
Now go pick out that pretty cocktail dress for that holiday party without fear of blinding your coworkers and friends.

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