Are we really seeing that heavy contouring of the Kardashian-era fade out?  Was this a look you had perfected or were you like me and never really got the big deal from the beginning?  I have always gone for a more natural approach with my makeup.  Good news for you ladies like me, all the latest runways are telling us that harsh contouring is OUT and strobing is IN!
Strobing is all about stripping down all of your skills to just focusing on where the natural light hits you and putting highlighter to really amplify it!  You really want to have a fresh face for this look.  Let’s face it though; some of us have a good bit of imperfections.  How do we fake that flawless skin that some girls are just naturally blessed with?  Try mixing an illuminator with your moisturizer for a brighter look all over, or try using a primer to sort of neutralize any dark spots, imperfections, or red areas.  No covering up with super matte powders.  It goes against everything you are trying to achieve here.
The most important part of strobing is highlighting all of the right places.  This is all about brightening up your face and really making the places where the light naturally hits you POP.  Dab your highlighter on to the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and right above your cupids bow to hit the most important parts.  You can also add some to the corners of your eyes to make them appear larger, to the center of your chin, on your brow bone and to the center of your forehead (although you should avoid this spot if you tend to have oily skin). Our Lovely Liquid Illuminator is the perfect creamy consistency to achieve this look.  If you are someone who needs the coverage of a foundation, dab it lightly over your already highlighted skin, as it will look more natural coming through the foundation.
This look is really that simple.  It is made for the girl who just doesn’t want to spend an hour on her makeup but still wants to look GLAM.  Get your favorite highlighter girls and get to strobing.

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