Do you have a super-hot date for Valentine’s this year? Just heading out with your girlfriends for a fun GAL-entine’s night out?  Here are a few tips to get you ready for a night on the town.
Apply your fragrance like a pro.  Ever wondered why we spritz our necks and the back of our wrists? These are pulse points along with your inner elbows, temples, behind the knees, behind the ears. These areas of your body heat up more than everywhere else which helps to release your scent. Resist the urge to over apply.  We become desensitized to our own fragrances over time, stick to no more than two drops of perfumer, three sprays of eau de parfum, and four sprays of eau de toilette.
Give yourself a flush with blush.  Do not underestimate the power of a good blush.  It is amazing, and nothing says romance quite like a subtle blushing glow. A good trick to finding your best blush color is to gently pinch your cheeks to see what your natural blush is.  Pick a color similar to that to really enhance your natural features.
Highlight. We love this new trend.  We love it so much our next Look and Learn event is focusing on the “Strobing” technique everyone is talking about.  Use our Lovely Illuminator to enhance that natural “I’m in love glow” that you already have going on.  Simply add to the places where the light hits you first. Cheekbones, center of forehead, center of nose, brow bones, and center of chin. Nothing shines quite like a woman in love…but our Lovely Illuminator gets you pretty close!
Exfoliate those lips!  Get them kissable and soft with a great lip scrub.  We recommend our Buff Sugar Lip Scrubs. Not only to they work incredibly well, they smell and taste divine. Exfoliation is key to getting the perfect look with your lipstick. Now you are ready for your favorite Kismet Lippy and a super special Valentine’s kiss!

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