Trendy Holiday Gifts for Every Member of Your Girl Squad

Although the holidays season is still weeks away, you may want to start thinking about gift ideas for the ladies in your life. You know that the girls from your squad will appreciate even the silliest gifts as long as they are personal. So, you should take time to think of perfect holiday presents based on the personalities of you friends.

For a glam girl

You know this type of girl – she likes all things glamorous and she’s always in the mood for shopping. As long as you know her fashion style, you won’t have to worry about the gift. You can get her a set of shiny, glittery and colourful nail polish or a pair of trendy pom pom drop earrings. If you really don’t know what to get her, you can give her the present of shopping and a gift card for beauty products.

For a sporty girl

A sporty girl is the one who’s always in the gym and keeps giving you advice on how to lead healthier lives. She also has amazing abs and she’s all for the athleisure fashion. Well, why not kill two birds with one stone and get her a cool cropped hoodie that will enable her to show off her body while wearing this trendy piece of clothing worthy of Gigi Hadid herself. If you want to splurge on your girls’ gifts, you can always go big with a pair of off-white, high-top kicks.

For a boss-to-be girl

This girl has a knack for business and she’s making her way to the top. She will be busy with a lot of meetings, so you can get her a set of three metallic notebooks where she can keep track of her responsibilities, deadlines and meeting schedules. She also needs to look her best when she gets to the top, so you can always give her a stylish accessory to go with her formal yet chic style. A classic watch or trendy sunglasses are pieces that every girl needs. However, if you want to go with something more unique, you can get her an inspiring book of the most prominent women throughout history.

For a makeup lover

She’s the one that never leaves her apartment without makeup and has a vast collection of all kinds products that you didn’t even hear of. There’s no dilemma here when it comes to her gift because she always needs some new makeup products. From an amazing lip kit to a subscription to monthly beauty product samples, she’ll be simply delighted!

For a practical girl

This is the girl you call for any type of advice because she’s the reasonable one in the group. She also knows all the practical hacks and doesn’t appreciate useless items. So, when choosing a gift for her, think about whether there’s something that she really needs. Don’t give her a useless figurine just because it looks cute. Instead, you can get her a set of agate-style coasters or a portable mini charger for her phone.

For a nature lover

We all have that hippy friend who is one with nature and possibly a vegan or a vegetarian. Anything nature-inspired will be the perfect gift choice for your nature-loving friend. You can get her a lovely terrarium of succulents, a natural crystal mirror or a lamp made from natural Himalayan salt. You can also get her a stylish pashmina made from organic cotton. If she’s into yoga and meditation, a chic yoga mat with leaves is also a great idea.

For a chef

You always visit this friend hungry because you know that she’s cooking something delicious in her dream kitchen. You can get her a fresh food subscription that comes with fresh ingredients and delicious recipes. If she’s also a wine connoisseur or a coffee lover, you can get her a wine cooler or a coffee maker. However, make sure to go with a trustworthy brand, such as the reliable Miele appliances, to make sure that you’ve picked a high-quality product. In addition, you’ll be able to drink her delicious coffee every time your visit.

Thinking of perfect gifts for your girl squad takes time, so make sure to start as soon as possible if you want to surprise your ladies.

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