There seems to be a new, wonderful ingredient is discovered every few months. It promises to deliver amazing benefits and just work wonders. Well I am going to breakdown these popular ingredients throughout various posts. The first up, Vitamin C. I am here to tell you, Vitamin C is a MUST.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that also stimulates collagen production. What does this mean exactly? Well you know that ‘glowing’ skin you see on all these models? Yes, that is Vitamin C. It gives you glowing skin while evening out imperfections and spots.

But how do you spot an effective formula? First, look for a high concentration. I use a formula that contains 15% of Vitamin C. Also, make sure the container is airtight and the glass container is a dark shade. This is to protect the pure-nature of the ingredient from being broken-down by air and sunlight. Lastly, stay clear of discolored formulas. That is a telltale sign the formula is old or exposed to the elements.

But what about Vitamin C in other applications? Absolutely! I also use a Vitamin C moisturizer and under eye cream. If you find yourself noticing some fine lines around the eyes, and a little bit of darkness under the eyes, then grab a Vitamin C eye serum.

Vitamin C is great for your hands too. We always forget our hands, but my trick, after rubbing in my Vitamin C onto my face; I take the excess and rub it into my hands instead of rinsing or wiping with a towel.

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