I discussed the benefits of Vitamin C earlier this week, and why it is a must for every day skincare. Now, let’s discuss Vitamin E, what the positives are and why you need to incorporate it into your skincare routine too.

I consider Vitamin E a ‘classic’ in skin care. It is typically overlooked because. new more exotic ingredients hit the headlines. But Vitamin E is a staple in the ‘anti-aging’ ingredient world. It can be very effective on protecting against free-radical damage, which causes aging, and dark spots.

Vitamin E can be incorporated into nearly anything, even lipsticks and mascaras. Because it is a universally beneficial ingredient, it is hard to find products that do not contain this good-for-you product. Our Mascarade Mascara contains Vitamin E, which will naturally strengthen, lengthen and thicken your eyelashes over time. Our Opulent Body Bronzing lotion also contains this effective vitamin.

Want a really big boost? Find formulas that blend both Vitamin C & E. These two ingredients compliment each other perfectly. Our Succulent Liquid Lipsticks all contain this dynamic duo. So not only will your lips look colorful, but you are also keeping them healthy. Our Buff Sugar Lip Scrubs also contain this effective blend.

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