If you were only allowed to purchase 5 items for your makeup routine for the rest of your life, what would you choose?  If you are anything like me, your makeup bag is filled with things you had to have but then never really used.  If I had to narrow down my products to just five, it would be tough, but I sure could get ready a whole lot quicker.
1. A tinted moisturizer/SPF combo.  This would be my first choice.  Find what works for you, but moisturizing and protecting your skin is so vital to your skins’ overall health.  I moisturize at night before bed and in the morning.  Moisturizing also sets the tone for the rest of your application, should you choose more makeup in your 5 items.  I chose a tinted version, because by doing this I will eliminate foundation from my must have items.  This makes a good base for an easy every day look.
2. I could not live without lip balm.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my lipsticks, but lip balm would definitely come first.  Maybe I would go with a tinted one to give myself a little color in the lips.  Keeping my lips moisturized is a must for me.  Nothing feels worse than dry, cracked lips.
3. Mascara.  This is a must.  I can skip everything else in my routine, but I forget my mascara, I look tired and just blah.  Mascara instantly opens up my eyes and makes me appear more awake and ready for the day. Our Mascarade Mascara is amazing and 100% all natural.  My lashes stay soft, and appear super long without any clumping or crustiness. I could not live without it.
4. A good mineral powder would probably be my next choice.  After using a tinted moisturizer, I would want to finish it off for a softer look to even out my skin tone with a good mineral powder.
5. Last but definitely not least would be an illuminator/highlighter. This can be applied a multitude of ways, from blending it in with your tinted moisturizer to brighten dull skin. Or you can apply to just certain areas of your face to illuminate. Either way, I would pick our Rosy Illuminator because it will take the place of blush.
There you have it!  My list of five things I would definitely have to keep buying!  What would be your top 5?

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