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Bronzer and contour challenged friends out there… have no fear! I have a little tip to help your makeup routine, and it happens to contain the number 3.
First off, a huge no-no in the beauty world is caking the bronzer on all over your face for a sunkissed look. Doesn’t look natural and honestly, can be a little frightening. So instead, take inspiration from the number 3.
Literally, I want you to bronze the number three on your face.. but just on the outer parts of your face. So start at the top of your forehead, then down to the cheekbones and lastly, the jawline. Repeat for opposite side.
And if you want to get fancy, you can add a little bronzer to the sides of your nose. This creates a slimming effect. But seriously, give that 3 a try! You will be amazed!

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